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Questions Regarding Dance Classes During COVID-19

What are our precautionary procedures?

ALL Dancers will be required to enter and exit with a mask. 

Upon arrival each dancer and staff will have their temperature checked at the door.

Parents can stay in waiting room with a mask. 

How are classes?

The class setting will limit to 10 students.

10min in between each class will focus on sanitizing and cleaning the area for the next class.  

Does my child have to wear a uniform? 

 Yes. Please come already dressed. 

Will there be a recital? 

By the end of the session we will have created a dance to present a virtual or in-person recital in a spacious area. If  mass gatherings have changed regarding the phase and executive order we will plan accordingly.

What happens if my child or someone in the class has COVID-19

All parents will be notified. Class(es) will be postpone until mandated days are cleared. All regulations will be govern by the CDC and our NC Governor, Roy Cooper.